What is navigation?

Navigation is a way for network admins to set the default order of the left primary navigation bar in the user portal. The order can be changed by hovering over a specific item in the list and then using your mouse to drag and drop the item to its new position. When you click the 'Apply Navigation' button, the new order gets applied to all network users and admins in your domain.

What are the items you see in the list?

Navigation consists of a list of enabled modules and shortcuts to apps/resources.

What happens when you apply the navigation?

The navigation order gets applied to all network users and admins in your domain. Navigation changes CAN be applied to guest users too via the Default Guest User Navigation option. Furthermore, if a segment contains guest users and has a custom navigation applied to it, it will apply those changes to the guest users as well.

Can you add more items to the navigation?

Yes, you can. Use the 'Add a shortcut' link at the bottom of the page to add more items to the list.

Can you remove an item from the navigation?

All enabled modules are available in the navigation. To remove a module from the navigation, you will need to disable it (via Admin Portal > Modules > Setup). Remember - disabling a module removes access to that functionality from all users in the domain. Any shortcuts you add to this list can be removed by hovering over the shortcut item and clicking on 'Delete'.

Can any user remove an item from the navigation?

Users can hide modules from their primary navigation. They can also edit/delete/hide their own created shortcuts and hide admin shortcuts if the admin has enabled 'Allow user to hide this shortcut' option. Admin-created shortcuts cannot be edited or deleted by users.

Can any user edit the navigation order you apply?

Yes, any network user can re-order the list in any way to best suite their usage of modules & shortcuts.

What happens if a user has shortcuts set on the navigation and then the network admin applies a new navigation order?

The new navigation order gets applied to all network users and admins. The user-created shortcuts in the navigation are moved to the end/bottom of the newly applied navigation order.

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