Setting up the Messages module


The Messages module enables you to replace the email for internal private communication. Your users can send rich text messages and files to a specific set of people in your company and also, the module helps keep replies threaded.

As a network admin, you can configure the domain-wide settings for the Messages module for all users.

  1. Module Label: Enter a custom label for the Messages module. For example, enter M Mail/Mango Mail in the Module Label text box.

  2. Action Label: Enter a custom label for the message create action button in the Messages module.

  3. Mode: Select the mode for the Messages module from the drop-down.

    • Single Continuous Conversation: Enables a chat like single conversation thread among a set of users.

    • Topic Based Conversation: Enables email like private messages with a subject line among a set of users.

      • Show Subject Line?: Click the toggle bar to display the subject line text box when users are composing a new message. The subject line is optional for all users on the User Portal when composing a message.

  4. Save: Click the Save button to save the configurations to the module.

If a user does not have an email address/inbox, you can redirect messages to a user's MangoApps Email Address (Admin Portal > Email > Configuration > User Email Addresses). See Email for more information.

To see how these configurations impact Messages on the User Portal, see Messages in the User Portal Guide.


Who can see the private messages in MangoApps?

Only the users included in the private message will see the message.

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