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MangoApps allows you to seamlessly notify external Microsoft Teams and Slack channels of new posts directly from your platform. By default, these notifications are turned off to ensure user privacy and control over their communication channels. However, with a few steps, you can enable this feature and start notifying your external teams and Slack channels of new posts.

Admin Portal Configuration

In order to enable this cross channel communication, a domain admin user will need to authenticate their accounts for each external platform (Teams and Slack). This ensures secure and authorized access to your company's external channels.

Upon enabling, the admin user will be redirected to each integrations authorization pages. Once successfully authenticated, the notification setting will be live.

3-Dot Action Menu

From the 3-Dot action menu for each integration, additional menu options will now be available.

Re-authentication - Admin Users will be prompted to re-authenticate their accounts periodically to maintain secure connections.

Settings - Click this option to designate the default channel for posting new content outside of MangoApps. Users can also choose from the dropdown menu which channel they want to post to.

User Experience

When enabled, a new menu option will appear to users when creating a Post or Alert in the User Portal.

Notifications sent to Teams and Slack channels are identified by your domain to maintain brand consistency and integrity.

After posting, users can easily share their content to Slack and Teams through the three-dot menu. This streamlined process allows for quick dissemination of information to external channels.

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