My Recordings


Network Admin can change the public appearance such as background color, button color, header color and change module label of the recorder from the Admin Portal.


Go to Modules, click My Recordings, and select Settings, as shown below.

On the Settings tab, you'll see:

  1. Module Label: Default name is β€œMy Recordings” but Admins can choose another name as label.

  2. Save: Click Save to save the changes.

Public Appearance

  1. Recordings with public access are viewable using the public share page (under Admin portal > Module > My Recordings Settings).

  2. Public sharing pages can be customized (with no HTML/CSS knowledge) as per your company's branding guidelines. You can configure the following with admin choice:

Background page color: You can configure the background page color from the list. Default is gray.

Top header color: You can configure the header color.

Button color (play & download): You can configure the button color from the list.

Button Text color: You can configure the button color.

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