News Feed

The News Feed module helps users be up-to-date with all your internal communication. It organizes all updates into primary, secondary, @mentions, and pinned feeds for users.

  1. News Feed Label: Enter a custom label for the News Feed module. This setting applies to all users in the domain.

  2. Select Mode: Admins get a new 'Select Mode' setting for News Feed module to choose between classic vs recommended mode.

    • Classic mode: Classic mode shows the news feed in chronological order (most recent first). It provides tabs which separate out unread, mentions & all feeds for users.

    • Recommended mode: Recommended mode is the new mode that shows news feed automatically prioritized & personalized for the employee. There are no tabs in this view.

  3. Primary vs Secondary Feeds: News feed to certain feed type can be configured as Primary or Secondary using this option, based on their option.

    • Primary: Primary news feed displays information that’s more pressing or important to you.

    • Secondary: Secondary news feed showcases less important information.

    • To Configure feed:

      1. Click Configure. Primary vs Secondary Feeds window opens.

      2. Drag & drop particular news feed type from primary to secondary or vice versa to set up where your users see news feeds of that type. You can override this preference to align as per their usage.

      3. Click Save.

  4. Show β€œPrimary and Secondary” Feed in: Choose if you want your primary and secondary feeds to appear in one single tab or two separate tabs.

  5. Which feed appear as Unread?: You can choose if both primary and secondary feed appear as Unread or Secondary feeds are automatically marked as read and never appear in your β€œUnread” tab. Unread news feed will be automatically ordered by primary on top, followed by secondary.

  6. Tab: You can enable / disable unread, secondary, @mention and pinned tabs has been added.

  7. Tab Orders: Click Configure to reorder the tables. Drag and drop the tabs to change the order in which they appear in users’ news feed module.

  8. Allow users to edit feeds, comments, replies & messages: This setting control whether users can edit their updates, comments, replies, after they have been posted. This setting applies to all users in the domain. Edit is disallowed when user's content is moderated before it is published to all users.

  9. Show widgets column on news feed: Enabling this will make your feed into 2 column view.

  10. Select display order for comments: You can sort the comments from Newest to Oldest or Oldest to Newest.

  11. Select feed filtering option: You can filter feed by selecting Advance search box, My team list, and none.

  12. Auto mark as read on scroll: Turn this setting ON, to auto mark the news feed as read when you scroll past it.

  13. Click Apply Settings to save the changes.

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