Utilizing skills on user profiles ensures accurate representation of employee capabilities and expertise within the organization. This feature allows for better talent management, facilitating smoother project assignments, resource allocation, and skill-based collaboration. Additionally, it enables systematic tracking and analysis of skill distribution across the workforce, aiding in strategic workforce planning and development initiatives.

As a network admin, you can define the skills for users based on their job descriptions. You can choose to create and manage the skills, also allow any user to create skills from the User Portal.

Module Tools

Search Skills

Enter a keyword in Quick Search text box and press ENTER to filter the skills in the list. Click the X in the Quick Search text box to clear the filters.

List of skills

List of all admin defined and user defined skills on the entire domain. The list displays an overview of all skills.

  • Skills: Name of the skill within the domain. Skill names in MangoApps are case-insensitive. For example, if you create the skill "Adaptability", you cannot create another skill with the same name, even with different capitalization.

  • Created On: Date and time of creation of the skill within the domain.

3-Dot Action Menu

  • Edit: Click the Edit option to edit a skill.

  • Delete: Click the Delete option to delete a skill. Deleting a skill removes it from the users profiles who were assigned the skill.

Manage Skills Settings

Add New Skill

Click the Add New Skill button to create a new admin defined skill on the domain.

Only network admins can delete skills in MangoApps.

Managing the Domain-wide Add Skill Settings

Who can add skills?

  • Anyone can add new skills: Select to allow any user to create new skills via the User Portal.

  • Only network admins can add new skills: Select to allow only network admins to create new skills via the Admin Portal for all users.

Adding a New Skill

Click the Add New Skill button to open the Add New Skill pop-up.

Enter the name for the category in the Skill Name text box.

In the Add New Skill pop-up, click the Save button to add the skill and close the pop-up. OR

In the Add New Category pop-up, click the Save & add another button to save the created skill and add a new one without closing the Add New Skill pop-up.

Click the Save button to save the new created skill(s) on your domain.

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