Configuring the domain-wide integrations with external systems

In this section, we'll explore the power of incorporating third-party services into the MangoApps hub, enabling you to streamline information and activity from external systems directly into the heart of your workspace. Gone are the days of toggling between different applications; MangoApps' integrations are designed to ensure your team's data remains consolidated, timely, relevant, and easily searchable.

With MangoApps, you can effortlessly integrate with a variety of systems, including but not limited to Huddle, Power BI, Google Analytics, NetSuite, Open APIs, and Webhooks. These integrations act as bridges, allowing you to pull data and updates from these diverse platforms into MangoApps seamlessly. Whether it's project updates, analytics reports, or real-time data feeds, our integrations empower you to create a unified, centralized hub where all your essential information resides.

To get started, click Integrations from the left hand navigation menu.

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