Task Templates

Task templates facilitate clear communication within the team, offering a standardized format for conveying task details, priorities, and requirements. This not only aligns the team towards common goals but also ensures a shared understanding of task expectations. Additionally, task list templates contribute to enhanced efficiency by saving time on routine tasks, allowing managers and team members to focus on more strategic aspects of their responsibilities. As an example, these templates streamline the onboarding process, providing new team members with structured guides to quickly grasp best practices and navigate tasks efficiently.

New Task Template

To get started, click the New Task Template button. In the pop-up menu, enter a name for your template and select the type of tasks which will be in the template.

For the purpose of example, we will be creating a new hire onboarding task list template.

Once the template has a name, click Save.

To begin adding tasks to the template, select the newly created template in the Templates list, then click Create Task.

Continue adding tasks to your preference. For details on creating tasks, click here.

Tasks created this way will behave as if being created as a User Task.

Action Menu

After a task template has completed creation, additional options will become available from the 3-Dot action menu.

Rename: This option will bring up the Rename Template menu. From this menu, you can edit the name of the template. However, the task type for the template CANNOT be changed once the template has been created.

Duplicate: This action will duplicate the selected template along with all of the associated tasks. This option will NOT duplicate any automations set up for the template.

Assign to Users: This option allows you to assign the template to selected active network users and/or network-based user segments. Multiple users and user segments can be chosen at once. All tasks from the chosen template will populate in the selected users' Task Module.

View & Manage Tasks: This option serves the same purpose as clicking on the template entry. Select this option to view/manage all task entries for the template.

Delete: This will permanently delete the template and all associated tasks. This action is NON-REVERSIBLE. Consider de-activating any related automations rather than template deletion in order to avoid permanent data loss.

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