Turn ON or OFF the switch to turn vault module ON or OFF for alumni / former employee.

Turning the vault OFF for all alumni / former employees does not remove the content present in their vaults. It only stops them from getting access to it. Additionally, you can turn OFF vault at a per-user level also.

Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication can be setup for current & former employees.

For authentication, follow the steps below:

Select any one option from the list for two-factor authentication:

  • 2FA token over Email

  • 2FA token via Google Authenticator

  • No

For 2FA over email, additionally you can configure the validity of the token. Default validity is 15 mins.

By default, the 2FA entered by the user is valid until next login, however vault admins can set a more aggressive time policy for requiring 2FA. This includes asking 2FA again after:

  • 15 minutes

  • 30 minutes

  • 1 hour

  • 1 day

  • 1 week

  • 1 month

Asking 2FA time policy can be set differently for current employee’s vs former employees.

Note: The 2FA channel you select here will become the default channel on which the user will be sent the 2FA token. User will still have the choice to switch to the other channel for 2FA. For example. If "2FA Token over Email" is selected here, then when the user tries to access the vault module for the first time post a login, they will be sent the 2FA token on email.

User can use the 2FA token they received on email to get access to their vault or they can click on the link to "Use Google Authenticator Instead" and enter the 2FA token from the google authenticator app and get access to their vault

Vault retention

This allows to set retention time for files in the vault for current and former employees.

Vault retention settings can be setup for current & former employees.

The following options are available for vault retention:

  • Keep forever: Keeps the files forever.

  • Keep for N days after it was added to the vault: Keep files for N number of days.

Vault folders

Ability to set up the default folder structure for the vault of all users. Admins can manage to create, rename, hide or delete folders.

Note: At least one folder needs to be active in the vault.

Deleting the folder will permanently delete the files in that folder from the vault of all users in the domain.

Click Manage Folders to manage the folder order. To re-order folders, simply drag & drop them above/below. To hide the folder from every one’s vault, simply disable it.

Click Save to save the settings.

Custom Admin Role and Vault Permissions

  • Ability to create a new custom admin role that has access to the vault admin capabilities from Admin Portal > Users > Admin Roles. Refer Admin Roles for more information.

  • Only vault admins have full access to all employee vaults.

  • A domain admin who isn’t a vault admin also cannot access employee vaults.

  • Vault owner (current/former employee) have view & download permission on their own vault.

  • Vault owner (current/former employee) can’t add or remove files.

User List & Vault Activation

To activate or deactivate vaults in bulk: Go to Admin Portal > Users > Manage Users.

On the right side of the dashboard, From User Tools, go to SetUp Vault and select Activate or Deactivate vault for selected users.

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