Go to Modules, Click Campaigns and select Settings, as shown below.

On the Settings tab, you see:

  1. Module Label: Default name is “Campaign” but Admins can choose other name as Label for campaign.

  2. Default campaign reviewer list: This will be the list of users as assigned by Admins who will be reviewing the content of the campaign before making it live.

  3. Who can create and manage campaigns:

All campaigns draft scheduled and published will be available in a centralized view and in the calendar to the below set of users. These users can create, edit and manage all campaigns’ in the domain.

  • Domain admins only.

  • Domain and Intranet Admins: This is the default for all domains.

  • Domain, Intranet admins and selected users: This allows you to select one or more active network users from the domain from the user look ahead.

Click Save to save the changes.

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