eDiscovery in MangoApps provides a tool that organizations can use to search, place a hold and export content. This content includes posts, updates, messages, chats, files and questions. The holds can be preserved as long as the admins need, and the domain retention time-limits do not impact the holds. With eDiscovery, MangoApps allows organisations to:

  • Search and place a hold for an employee.

  • Search and place a hold on content where a specific keyword or keywords are used.

An unlimited number of holds can be placed and exported. The export format is in a zip format which consists of files (in their original format) and content in PDF format.

Create New Hold

You can create a hold as follows:

  1. Go to Compliance > eDiscovery and click Create a New Hold.

  2. Enter your name and description in the field and click Next.

  3. Select the date range from to till date.

  4. Enter keywords (keywords can contain any sensitive information such as passport number or credit card number).

  5. Enter the name of the person in the Posted By field.

  6. Select the item type. This includes posts, updates, messages, chats, files and questions.

  7. Click Next.

  8. Click Preview to view the entered values and click Create New Hold.

Your hold has been created.

eDiscovery dashboard

The eDiscovery dashboard includes the following sections:

  • Name: Display name of the hold.

  • Query: Displays the details such as date, keyword, author name, and content type.

  • Created By: Displays the name of the user who has created the hold.

  • Created On: Displays the date of hold creation.

  • Status: Displays the status.

  • Kebab Menu (three vertical dots):

    1. Delete Hold: Click to delete the created hold.

    2. Duplicate Hold: Click to duplicate the hold. The name of the duplicate hold will be created by adding the word duplicate and the same info will be pre-filled. Admin can edit the fields if they want to make any changes.

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