🚫Screen Share Tools

Easily share your screen with colleagues and others

This User Portal Module option is no longer available in current MangoApps builds

MangoApps makes it easy to share your screen 1-1 with colleagues. No matter where in the world you are, MangoApps makes it easy to share and collaborate (with up-to 3 people in one screen share session) .

From any screen on the site, click on Screen Share.

Click on Share My Screen

If you have multiple screens, select which screen you want to share. Then, click on Share.

From the screen share, click on Share Link to get an invitation link to share out.

Users that you send the link to in chat, will get an invitation. They will click on Join Session to join your screen share.

  1. See the duration of your screen share

  2. Get a share link

  3. Mute or unmute the audio of your screen share

  4. Stop sharing your screen

  5. View participants of your screen share

  6. Leave the screen share

When you click on Stop Share, the users will be notified.

Screen Share with Non-MangoApps Users

With MangoApps screen share, you are not restricted to MangoApps network and guest users.

To invite other people to your screen share, click on Share Link. Then, send the link to the desired person. You can send it via email or other desired method.

When a user goes to the provided link, they will be asked to input their name and then click on Join Session.

They will be displayed on the list of participants like any other user.

Screen Share Settings

To configure your screen share settings, first navigate to the screen share page. Then, click on the Gear icon.

  1. Select to Mute Microphone when joining a screen share session

  2. Select to Auto Join when you receive a join session link (Windows app only)

  3. Select to Auto Copy screen share URL (Windows app only)

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