Configure Tracker Settings


Network admins have access to the following tracker module settings:

Module Name: Admins can customize the name for the tracker's module. This allows them to align the module's label with their organization's terminology or naming conventions, enhancing clarity and ease of navigation for users.

Creation Permissions: Admins can define which users can create new trackers within the domain. This setting allows admins to control and limit tracker creation to specific user roles or departments.

Public Sharing: Admins can specify whether tables and forms from the tracker's module can be shared publicly on the internet without sign-in requirements. This setting ensures that the sharing of tracker data aligns with the organization's security and privacy policies.

Automation Messages: Admins can determine which user's account should be used to send automation messages, such as confirmation when a form is submitted. This setting allows consistent and personalized user communication based on the designated sender.

With these settings, domain admins can tailor the tracker module to fit their organization's specific needs and preferences. Customization options enable efficient management of trackers and provide a seamless user experience within the MangoApps platform.

Tracker Label

If desired, modify the tracker label. To convert it into a different language, go to Domain -> Translate within the Admin Portal.

Who Can Create Trackers?

Based on their role, users can be given specific permissions that determine who can and cannot create a tracker. Permissions are an important part of healthy team and with the right permissions, you can ensure that only certain people are permitted to change the information in your tracker.

Edit permissions for a single tracker as well as other team and user permissions can be set from within the tracker menu. For details on setting up permissions in a tracker, click here.

Permissions that users have on a tracker can be different than the permissions on another tracker in the team.

Who Can Include User Lookup Additional Profile Fields In Tracker?

Limit the number of users who can modify the User Look Ahead field type to include additional information pulled from the searched user's profile. This option can be set to only domain admins or admins and specific users.

Limiting who can include these additional profile fields in a tracker is crucial for ensuring data security and privacy within the company's systems, especially for public tracker tables. By restricting access to authorized personnel only, the company can better manage and safeguard sensitive user information, reducing the risk of data breaches or unauthorized access.

Who Can Setup Publish a Post From Tracker Workflow?

This feature allows administrators to restrict the ability to create post workflows for trackers. Access can be limited to domain admins, intranet admins, and/or specific users.

Limiting which users can create posts based on information entered into a tracker can be essential for maintaining content quality, relevance, and compliance within the company's platforms.

Public Sharing

Enable this feature by checking the boxes to allow trackers and forms to be shared beyond the network user segment and domain. By selecting these options, forms and trackers become accessible on third-party sites, facilitating the collection of additional entry data from a broader audience.

Advanced Options

Choose whether column headings within all trackers will truncate or text wrap when the tracker window is resized.

Automation Settings

Set the name and photo for the automation messages associated with trackers. These messages will be sent to users upon fulfilling conditions set within the tracker by the creator and/or admins.

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