Unsubscribed Users

Out of network users who have unsubscribed to received emails from MangoApps


The Unsubscribed Users displays out of network users who have received an email from the network, and have requested to be unsubscribed from future emails. This process is automatically done for you by the system. If users change their minds, and wish to receive emails again, this page also allows admins to easily remove users from the unsubscribed list.

  1. Users Selected: Displays number of user selected from the list of Unsubscribed Users

  2. Remove from list: Allows you to bulk remove users from the Unsubscribed User list

  3. Email ID: Displays the email address of the user who has submitted an unsubscribe request

  4. Unsubscribed On: Displays the date and time user requested to be unsubscribed

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