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Trackers & Forms

Setting up the Trackers module
Trackers and Forms can be added to your workspaces to collect and store data.
Trackers in MangoApps offer a range of features designed to streamline data management:
  • Out-of-the-box Templates: Pre-designed templates cater to common tracker use cases.
  • Versatile Views: Familiar and flexible views facilitate easy sorting, filtering, searching, and support various specialized column types such as email address, currency, date, people, teams, and more.
  • Communication Integration: Users can view and share comments, @mention individuals on specific rows within the tracker, ensuring conversations are seamlessly tied to the relevant data.
  • Advanced Capabilities: Built-in support for formulas, row linking, team-specific views, attachment support, and other capabilities empower users to manage data effectively.
  • Full Screen Mode: A full-screen view of the tracker enhances user experience and makes working with data more convenient.
  • Mobile Accessibility: Available on MangoApps mobile apps, ensuring productivity is maximized wherever users are working.
  • Comprehensive Data Capture: Trackers capture all necessary information for managing different types of data within the organization.
  • Table Creation: Users can easily create multiple tables, offering different filtered views of data.
  • Online Forms: Creation of online forms allows the submission of structured data.
  • Comments and Mentions: Users can share comments and mentions, fostering contextual conversations around the data.
  • Various Creation Options: Users with the appropriate permissions can create new trackers from system or custom templates, Microsoft Excel, Google Spreadsheet, or a CSV file.
  • Cloning Functionality: Users can clone existing trackers, choosing to copy only the structure or both the structure and data.
  • Management Options: Tracker creators and team admins have the ability to move, archive, or delete a tracker.
  • Admin Customization: Admins can create and edit tracker templates for broader use in the organization.