Trackers & Forms

Setting up the Trackers module

This article explores the administrative portal options available for Trackers, such as creating templates and module settings. For details on creating a Tracker, please refer to the User Guide article here.

MangoApps Trackers are highly adaptable to meet your organization’s unique needs, whether it be collecting information or managing data, tasks, requests, and more. Streamline business processes and boost efficiency with advanced database management capabilities and customization.

Get Started Quickly with Customizable Templates

Accelerate your data management journey with out-of-the-box Tracker templates, covering common needs like PTO vacation requests, hours worked, content publishing plans, and more. Admins can further enhance efficiency by creating and editing company-wide customized Tracker templates, ensuring a tailored approach that fits your organization’s unique workflows.

Communicate Findings with Data Visualization

Transform your corporate data into actionable insights using MangoApps Trackers. Create dynamic charts and graphs within a Tracker to visually represent information, providing a clear and comprehensive view of your data. Intuitive data analysis helps your team stay organized while making informed decisions from one centralized database.

Versatile Database Views

Utilize Trackers to sort, filter, search, and generate versatile table views within a singular database. Trackers support specialized column types for a broad range of use cases, including email address, currency, date, people, teams, and more, offering a dynamic and customizable environment for data management

Self-Service Data Collection with Tracker Forms

Effortlessly collect and populate Trackers with employee-generated data. Create a corresponding Form for your Tracker to share with employees, choosing from over 18 column types to ensure information is formatted to fit your needs. Customize Forms to align with your unique company brand and drive employee engagement. Information submitted through Forms automatically populates its associated Tracker and maintains an organized data collection process.

Enterprise Data Integration

Integrate Trackers seamlessly into your operations by uploading and exporting data from enterprise systems like CSV, Excel, and Google Sheets. Ensure smooth collaboration between Trackers and your commonly used tools, facilitating easy data management and enhancing overall employee efficiency.

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