🚫My Drive Sync

This feature is no longer supported.

This is your personal work folder. By default the files uploaded and folders created here are private and only accessible to you. You can share and un-share these files & folders with co-workers & teams, when required with appropriate permissions.

It is easy to sync your My Drive so that you can access your files where ever you are, even when you are without an internet connection,

  1. Open the FileSync application.

  2. Click the plus (+) sign

  1. Select the checkbox for My Drive.

Syncing the My Drive folder will create a copy of the files that in your My Drive folder and place them in your computer. This allows to access your files anytime, anywhere.

Files are automatically synced. However, you can also manually force a sync.

To force a sync:

  1. Click on the three dot menu

  2. Select Advanced

  3. Select Force Sync Now

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