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Configuring the sections and profile fields for the users' profile


In MangoApps, network admins can control the display of profile sections, fields, and custom information via the Admin Portal. This includes managing pre-shipped profile sections and enabling or disabling custom fields based on company needs.

Sections & Profile Fields

List of all pre-shipped sections, profile fields and custom fields for the People module within the domain. Mark the checkbox for the sections/fields to enable them on the users' profile on the User Portal. If unmarked, the section/profile field is NOT displayed on the User Portal for any user.

Drag-and-drop the profile fields to change the order they will appear on on a user's profile page. You can move profile fields to different sections by dragging-and-dropping them in sections. Each field displays a unique icon after the last character to depict the edit mode of the field.

Field Icons

No icon: Editable field. Any user can edit the content for the field in their profile via the User Portal.

  • Public - visible to all users on the domain. OR

  • Private - visible only to the user and the network admins.

Users CAN override the admin-selected default visibility on the profile page.


By default, the profile photo and first & last name fields are enabled to display in the profile and CANNOT be disable.

Managing Profile Fields

For information on managing default and custom fields within sections, click here.

Adding a New Section

Use profile sections to categorize and organize the pre-shipped and custom profile fields on a user's profile within the User Portal.

To add a new profile section:

  1. Click the Add a Section button.

  2. In the Add a Section pop-up menu, enter a name for the new section.

  3. Click the Save button to save and add the new section in the profiles.

Drag-and-drop the preferred fields in the new section.

Click the Save Settings button to update the full profile settings.

Un-mark the checkbox for a custom section to hide it on the User Portal for all users.

Editing a Profile Section

Deleting a Profile Section

You CANNOT delete a pre-shipped out-of-the-box profile section.

To see how these configurations impact the People Directory on the User Portal, see People Directory & Profile in the User Portal Guide.

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