Managing availability is crucial for efficient scheduling and task allocation within any organization. With the availability tab feature, users can easily set their availability preferences, ensuring seamless coordination and scheduling. This guide will walk you through configuring the availability tab for users, covering default values, editing options, availability information text, and submission settings.

Availability Values

By default, the availability tab offers three primary values for users:

Availability for the whole day: Users are marked as available for the entire day.

Not Available: Users indicate that they are not available for any shifts this day.

Available From: Users specify the time they are available to start and/or end their shifts.

These system options cannot be deleted, however they can be edited.

Advanced Settings

Availability Information Text

To assist users in understanding how to set their availability, an availability information text feature is available. This feature provides a popup menu with helpful information for users when they are adding their availability. Provide users with clear instructions and guidance to navigate the process smoothly.

Allow Submission From

Admins can set parameters regarding how far in advance users can submit their availability. By default, users can submit their availability for up to three periods ahead. This setting can be adjusted according to organizational needs but serves to balance flexibility and predictability in scheduling.

For a look into how these changes affect the User Portal, click here.

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