Network administrators have the ability to centrally customize the primary navigation experience for users accessing MangoApps via web and mobile apps.

Along the left hand side of the module page are a list of all created navigation styles, both admin and system. From this list, admins can view navigation styles, make edits, enable/disable, duplicate, and/or delete.

The system generated default navigation menu styles, Default Guest and Network User Navigation, cannot be disabled nor deleted. However, network user navigation menu styles can be edited and personalized by the admin and end user (if enabled by admins).

Add Navigation Button

Click the Add Navigation button to create a new navigation menu style. For information on creating a new navigation style, click here.

Manage Modules and Sub-Menus

Along the right hand side of the module is a list of all module configurations for the selected navigation style. From this list, admins can activate/deactivate, add descriptions, and even manage sub-menus for the listed modules. Drag and drop the modules in the list to re-order them in the final navigation style.

This option allows admins to add a custom link to individual navigation menu styles. This link can lead to pages within and without their MangoApps domain. Each navigation supports adding custom links.

Save Changes

Clicking the Save Changes button to apply the new navigation order to all network users within the chosen segment for the navigation style. Guest users will not be affected unless the segment is selected.

To see how these configurations impact Navigation on the User Portal, see Primary Navigation in the User Portal Guide.

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