Team Segments

Team segments are a static collection or list of departments, groups & projects. Admins are shown a list of all public and private teams in the domain, where they can narrow down using system or custom team fields to pick the apt list of teams and add them to the segment. Unlisted teams can't be added to a team segment. Teams in a saved team segment will remain fixed until the admin explicitly adds or removes a team. Admins control who can use the team segments (example: only domain admins or domain and intranet admins can use).

You can share an update, ask a question and create a post in MangoApps to one or more custom created team segments without having to enter all the team names. Additionally, you can share the same update/question/post with multiple teams without having to make a copy of the update/question using the CC feature.

Team Segment List Dashboard

Segment list dashboard includes the following sections:

Name: Displays the Unique name of the user segment.

Count: Displays the no. of users in the segment.

Created by: Displays the admin who created it.

Last Modified: Displays the date when the segment was created or last updated.

Action: Team segments can be edited, renamed, duplicated, or deleted at any time by the admin.

  • Edit

    • Will open the same dialog as new team segment with the title as "Edit Segment" and allow you to make the changes in the team segment.

    • Click Edit.

    • Select Teams present in the team segment from the right panel and click Add or Remove if you want to delete the selected.

    • Click Save.

  • Duplicate

    • Click Duplicate. It opens the same dialog as new team segment with the title as "New Segment".

    • Team names copied over from the original team segment will appear in the right panel.

    • All other public and private teams will appear on the left panel.

  • Rename

    • Open the dialog with the title "Rename Segment".

    • Click Rename.

    • Rename Segment window opens with existing segment name.

    • Enter your new name if you want to rename it and click Save.

  • Delete

    • Click Delete if you want to delete the team segment.

Add a New Segment

  1. Go to Users>Team Segment and click New Segment.

  2. Search the team from the list. You can filter teams from different categories such as Project and Team categories.

  3. Click Add and Continue.

  4. Enter the segment name and click Save Segment. You can view the list of team segments on the dashboard.

Team Segment Settings

  1. Go to Users>Team Segment and click Settings.

  2. Enter the Team Segment Label in the field.

  3. Select users from the Who can use team segments.

  4. Click Save Settings.

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