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Creating & managing custom fields

Managing Custom Fields

Custom fields let you add additional data to files in MangoApps. You can create a field for deadlines, priority, cost, or anything else that’s important to your workflow, team, and company. For example, you can create a multiple choice custom field for file approvals as Approved and have choices as Yes and Rejected.

MangoApps provides the following field types for custom fields:

  • Single Line Text

  • Multiple Line Text

  • Multiple Choices (Multiple Selection)

  • Multiple Choices (Single Selection)

  • Calendar Lookup

  • User Typeahead

  • Phone Number

Custom fields are displayed in the Advanced search filters in the Files module on the User Portal.

The Files and Media Library modules share custom fields in MangoApps. Custom fields created in the Media Library module are displayed in the Files module and vice versa.

Adding a New Custom Field

To add a new custom field:

  1. In the Setup Custom Fields pop-up, click the New Custom Field button.

  2. Enter the name for the new custom field in the Field Name text box. For example, enter Approved.

  3. Select the type of the field from the drop-down list. For example, select Multiple Choices (Single Selection) from the drop-down list.

  4. Mark the Required check box to set the custom field as a mandatory field when uploading a media file on the User Portal.

  5. Enter the choices for the field. For example, enter Yes and Rejected as the choices for the field.

    You can click the Add New Choice link to add more choices for the field.

  6. Click the Save button.

  7. Drag-and-drop the field to reorder it. This is a optional step.

  8. Click the Close button to exit the pop-up.

Custom fields marked as 'Required' are mandatory when a user uploads files from the User Portal.

Custom fields can be mapped to external APIs for syncing data.

Editing a Custom Field

Deleting a Custom Field

Deleting a custom field only removes the association of the field from the files.

Reordering Custom Fields

In the Setup Custom Fields pop-up, drag-and-drop the fields to re-order them.

Showing/Hiding Group Fields

  1. File Fields: Mark/unmark the file fields to show/hide on the Files page. By default, the File Image and File name fields are enabled and CANNOT be disabled.

  2. Save: Click the Save button to apply the field settings to the Files module.

Managing the Domain-wide File Settings

  1. Label: Enter a custom label for the Files module.

  2. Only Network Admin can set custom fields: Mark the checkbox to allow only network admins to set the values in custom fields for files. If enabled, MangoApps does NOT display the custom fields in the Enter Metadata section when a user is uploading a file on the domain.

  3. Make tag mandatory field in file upload: Mark this checkbox to make hashtag a required field for every file.

  4. Enable public file/folder sharing: Mark the checkbox to allow your users to share files and folders outside the domain without requiring authentication to view the file or folder. Any person using the file or folder’s public link will be able to access it over the internet. Team owners can turn off this setting at the team-level. File or folder owners can turn this setting off at an individual file or folder level.

  5. Allow the built-in File Viewer to display the content of any document: Mark this checkbox to enable the built-in file viewer and display the preview of the content of the file. MangoApps supports over 50+ document types out-of-the-box.

  6. Allow file uploads via Email: Mark this checkbox to allow network users to upload files to MangoApps folders via email using the unique email alias generated for each MangoApps folder. If disabled, hides the 'Folder Email Address' option from all folders in the Files module.

  7. Save: Click the Save button to apply the settings to the Files module.

The translate option of your domain in the Admin Portal (Admin Portal > Domain > Translate) MUST be deactivated to edit the module label.

Activating and Deactivating the translate option of your domain in the Admin Portal (Admin Portal > Domain > Translate) resets the custom label text.


What are the prerequisites for uploading files to a folder via email?

The prerequisites to upload files to a MangoApps folder via email are:

  • The user MUST be a part of the MangoApps domain with a valid company email ID matching their profile in the domain or the email ID in the Accepted List (Admin Portal > Email > Accepted List), AND

  • The user MUST be an Active network user, AND

  • The user MUST have permissions to upload files to the folder they are uploading the files to.

To see how these configurations impact the Files on the User Portal, see Files in the User Portal Guide.

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