Enhancing the accessibility of your intranet domain is essential to ensure that all users, regardless of their individual needs or disabilities, can interact with your MangoApps web portal effectively. This guide will walk you through the steps to enable and configure an accessibility widget for your chosen user segment within the intranet domain.

Steps to Enable Accessibility Widgets

1. Access the Accessibility Tab

To begin, navigate to the Accessibility tab within your MangoApps Compliance settings. This is where you will configure the settings for your chosen domain accessibility widget.

2. Sign Up for an Accessibility Account

Before you can enable the accessibility widget, you need to sign up for an accessibility account with a provider. This will allow you to obtain the necessary embed code for the Access Widget field.

3. Obtain the Embed Code

Once you have signed up and logged into your accessibility account, locate and copy the embed code for the Access Widget. This code is essential for embedding the widget into your MangoApps portal.

Configure the Accessibility Settings

Within the Accessibility tab you can:

  • Enable the Widget: Toggle the option to enable the accessibility widget.

  • Select Your Provider: From the dropdown menu, choose your accessibility provider.

  • Embed Code: Paste the embed code you obtained from your accessibility provider into the appropriate field.

  • Choose the User Segment: From the Show Access Widget dropdown menu, select the user segment that will have access to this widget. This segmentation ensures that only the chosen group of users will see and be able to use the accessibility features, allowing them to adjust the MangoApps web portal to their individual needs without impacting the experience for other users.

Save Your Settings

After configuring the settings and selecting the user segment, save your changes.

Preview the Widget

On the right hand side of the menu, you will see a static image preview of the widget, illustrating how it will appear in the user portal. This preview helps you understand the widget's appearance and layout before it is live for the selected user segment.

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