Order History Tracker


This tracker systematically records and tracks details of redemption transactions for a custom catalog. Use this tracker to get detailed insights about each order, such as the date of purchase, product descriptions, quantity, and any other relevant information for the catalog. The purpose of tracker is to provide a centralized and organized repository of all purchasing activities, enabling admins to monitor redemption trends, track inventory levels, and generate reports for auditing purposes. This tracker proves particularly valuable for inventory management, budgeting, and overall operational efficiency, as it offers a historical perspective on redemption activities and assists in making informed decisions related to future custom rewards provisions.

Click the 3-dot menu within the Module view for any catalog to create or connect a New Order History Tracker.

Creating a New Order History Tracker

Within the New Order History Tracker setup wizard, fill in the name, team, and description for the tracker.

We recommend adding this tracker to the same workspace as it's parent tracker.

Once satisfied, click Create.

You will then be redirected to the Connect Order History Tracker menu, which will auto-fill your newly created tracker information. Click Save.

Order History Tracker

After creation, this tracker will automatically begin to populate with all redemption orders placed upon time of the tracker creation for the selected Data Source.

The tracker will not log any redemption activity from before it was created. If you wish to include data from previous redemptions, you will need to import the entries from the Order & User History export download.

If created from the Admin Portal, this tracker will have the following columns auto-generated: ID, Order ID, Order Date, Value in Points, Item Name, Item Color, Item Size, Data Source, Shipping Address, Submitted By, Submitted By ID, and On Behalf Of.

Item has Shipped - Inform Workflow

This workflow serves to inform the redeeming user that their redemption item has been shipped and is on the way.

For this workflow, we will add the column Status to our tracker with the dropdown options Awaiting fulfillment and Shipped.

Our workflow will trigger when an entry is changed in the Status column from Awaiting fulfillment to Shipped. When this condition is met, a message will be sent to the redemption request submitter. We have also created a custom action message informing the submitter that their item has been shipped to keep an eye out for updates.

Item needs to be shipped - Inform Workflow

This workflow serves to inform the responsible user that a new item has been redeemed and is in need of fulfillment.

For this workflow, we will add the column Status to our tracker with the dropdown options Awaiting fulfillment and Shipped.

Our workflow will activate whenever a new entry is added. Once this condition is satisfied, a notification will be dispatched to the designated user responsible for handling redemption requests. Additionally, we've implemented a custom action message to alert the selected user about an item awaiting fulfillment.

For more information on creating trackers and workflows, click here.

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