The Home module in the admin portal offers a centralized hub for managing key administrative tasks. It includes the Dashboard for monitoring activity and metrics, Invites for managing user onboarding, Approvals for handling access requests, and Logs for tracking user activities. Additionally, the Trash Can allows recovery of deleted items, while the Exported Data section facilitates data export for analysis and backup. This module ensures efficient oversight and streamlined administrative processes.


The Dashboard provides an overview of key metrics and activities within the admin portal, including user activity, system alerts, and recent updates. It's designed to offer a quick snapshot of the portal's health and performance.


The Invites section allows admins to manage pending user invitations, including sending reminders and resending invites. This helps ensure that all users have received and can act on their invitations.


The Approvals area is where admins can manage pending approval requests for various actions within the portal, such as user registrations and content submissions.


Logs provide detailed records of user activities and system events. This includes audit logs, user access logs, security logs, and more, helping admins monitor and troubleshoot issues.

Trash Can

The Trash Can feature enables users and admins to recover deleted items. Items can be restored or permanently deleted based on domain-wide content preservation rules.

Exported Data

The Exported Data section allows admins to manage and access data exports from the portal. This can include user data, activity logs, and other critical information for analysis and reporting.

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