Customize the overall appearance of your organization's portal


The Portal tab in the Branding Module streamlines the process of customizing company branding within the admin portal. This intuitive interface offers several options for tailoring branding elements, including Portal Settings, Home Page, Appearance, Color Palette, and Text Styles. By leveraging these features, network admins can easily implement a cohesive and personalized presentation of the company's identity, ensuring consistency and brand integrity across various platforms and touchpoints.

Portal Settings

These settings allow network admins to customize the look and feel of the entire web interface for the company. From this section, admins can upload a company logo, edit the favicon, add a domain-wide banner, choose the domain-wide theme, and access other visual settings.

1. Network Name

This is the title that will be displayed in the tab interface bar of your web browser for your domain.

This will not change your domain URL. To learn more about changing your Domain URL, click here.

2. Logos & Images

Upload a custom company logo image file for your domain. We recommend using a resolution of 200px X 45px and ensuring the file size is less than 50kb. You have the option to use the same logo image for both Vertical Navigation and Horizontal Layout, or you can choose to display a different logo image based on your portal's navigation bars settings. For more information of setting the Navigation style, click here.

3. Favicon

Add a custom favicon displayed in the title bar of your web browser.

Recommended size: 16 x 16 px (< 50k)

4. Login screen image

Upload the image you would like your users to see on the login page. we recommend using a resolution of 1257px x 1536px and ensuring the file size is less that 250kb.

Once you have completed your changes, click the Save Settings button in the upper right hand corner to apply the chosen settings.

The Login Screen Image can ONLY be updated from the system branding Default Network Users Branding. The image selected will be

Home Page

The Home Page section allows further customization of the Home Module by providing additional branding opportunities. To set your Home Page, turn on the toggle switch. Once toggled, additional options will appear. For information on these options, click here.

When disabled, the banner image will not be displayed on the Home module. Disabling this feature does NOT disable the Home Module itself.


You have the ability to modify the appearance of your hub by customizing the photo style, icon style, and other related options. This allows you to create a unique and visually appealing design that aligns with your branding and preferences.

1. Corner Style

With this option, domain admins can easily set the edges of buttons, containers, dialogs, menus, and more in a square or rounded shape.

2. Photo Style

You can select either a circular or square shape for user profile images. This choice will be applied universally, setting all profile pictures to the chosen style throughout the platform.

3. Icon Style

Choose a style for all icons within the primary navigation bar and across the entire domain. This includes the navigation modules, compose, filter, and action icons. The chosen style will be applied uniformly to all icons, providing a cohesive and polished appearance throughout the platform.

4. Color Theme

With this option, you can choose from a variety of pre-designed color themes. These color schemes serve as ready-to-use options for your portal. If you desire more customization, you can further configure the color schemes in the Portal Colors section below.

5. Font Family

MangoApps offers a selection of 10 pre-installed fonts that you can choose from for your web portal content. At this time, MangoApps only supports the pre-installed fonts.

Portal Color

In addition to the preset color themes, MangoApps provides the flexibility to create a fully customized branding color theme. You can set the color scheme for the sections Portal Colors, Navigation Menu, Top Bar, and Action Buttons. You can also configure a custom Color Palette for your content creators. These options allow you to tailor the colors according to your brand identity, ensuring a unique and cohesive look throughout your web portal. For information on Custom Branding Colors, click here.

Color Palette

You have the flexibility to choose up to 25 colors that align with your company's branding guidelines or specific requirements. The selected color palette will be accessible to content creators as the default set of colors when they compose posts, pages, wikis, notes, events, and other content on the user portal.

Text Styles

In this section, you can customize various properties of the text style for your portal, including the heading style, font family, size, and other relevant attributes. For information on the various offered text styles, click here.

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