Configuring the domain-wide settings for the People module


The People module in your company's MangoApps domain serves as an employee directory, allowing you to access information about colleagues and facilitating connections within the organization. Network administrators have the ability to customize various settings for this module to best suit your company's needs.

Basic Options

Employee Identifier Label: Set a custom label for the employee identifier displayed on your domain. This label allows you to configure what you wish to call the 'Employee Identifier' in the user portal. Some examples are Employee Id, Payroll Id, Payroll Number etc.

People Lookahead Include: Choose an additional field value to display alongside a user's full name in the User Portal, such as Job Title, Organization, Office Location, Phone, Extension, or Mobile number.

This additional field value is utilized in user lookaheads and user lists, aiding in tasks like connecting users wishing to send private messages or find specific teams.

Show Display Name As: Select the display format for the appearance of a user's name. If no "Also Known As" is present then the user's First Name will be shown followed by the Last Name.

Mentions Settings:

By default, this option is set to Auto. The display format for mentioned users is determined as follows:

  1. If the first name is unique, only the First Name will be displayed.

  2. If the first name is not unique but the combination of the first name and last name initial is unique, the display format will show the First Name followed by the Last Name Initial.

  3. If neither of the above conditions is met (i.e., neither the first name alone nor the combination of first name and last name initial is unique), then the display format will default to showing the First Name followed by the Last Name for the user.

Additional display format options are available based on the selected 'Show Display Name As' setting value. Choose one of these options to standardize and apply the chosen display format naming convention for all users in your company.

Advanced Options

Enable Org Chart View: Toggle to display or hide the organization hierarchy of all network users on the User Portal. When disabled, the Org Chart view button on the People Directory page and the Org Chart tab on a user's profile page are hidden.

Allow Users to Edit Profile Photo: Enable this option to allow users to change their profile photos via the User Portal.

Disable this option if your user data is synced from an Active Directory/LDAP server. When the domain is AD synced this setting is not applicable for the synced profiles


Are guest users displayed in the People Directory on the User Portal? No, guest users are not displayed in the People Directory in the User Portal.

For detailed guidance on how these settings impact the People module and user profiles on the User Portal, refer to the People Directory & Profile section in the User Portal Guide.

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