A secure location for current & former employees to get private access to documents.

Vault admins can view any employee or former employee’s vault.

Vault admins can add files to a user’s vault and send a message to the user that new files have been added to their vault. Vault admins can search any employee or former employee’s vault. New settings are introduced to control the frequency when users will be asked to provide 2FA again.


Secure File Access For Current & Former Employees

With the Employee Vault, you can create a space where individual employees can access documents like pay stubs and tax information, even after they leave the company.

  • Integration with a secure FTP server allows you to automate adding files

  • Records show who has access their vault and all their activity

  • Former employees can access the vault, but not the rest of MangoApps

Alumni Access

Former employees retain access to their vault so they can access relevant documents following the end of their employment. Vault settings can be configured to enable/suspend access of former employees to their vault.

Vault Permissions

Create a custom admin role that has vault admin capabilities. Only vault admins have full access to employee vaults. They can add/remove files from the vault, configure 2FA for the vault owner, and much more.

Audit Log

The vault audit log keeps track of all activity - views, downloads, and much more. If the vault owner opens any document/file, it is logged and recorded for quick easy audit trails.

User Lists

Activate or deactivate vaults in bulk with user lists. Filter user lists to get a list of all former employees with an active vault.

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