Customizing content colors for your company's intranet provides an opportunity to enhance visual appeal and maintain brand consistency across various elements such as posts, polls, surveys & quizzes, system status colors, and campaign statuses.

Click View Sample in each tab to preview your color selection.


Within the Posts section, you can customize four types of labels: Announcement, Must Read, Alert, and Custom Label.

Adjust background colors according to your preference. Make sure to save your changes.

This section also provides the option to change the background color for the Posts Highlights section. For information on the Highlights section, click here.


Customize the color of default poll options by selecting colors from the color chart.

From this menu, you can also set the default colors for custom poll options that will appear when a user creates a poll.

Save your settings and preview changes as needed.

Surveys & Quizzes

Customize the labels for Anonymous and Mandatory sections.

Change the color and text case for each of the labels per your branding requirements.

Click Save Settings to save the changes.

System Status Colors

Customize colors for positive and negative actions, such as success messages, approval colors in trackers, and approve/decline buttons.

These colors appear throughout the portal in certain instances of positive and negative actions. You can select the colors from the color chart to customize success/approve, error/decline and pending colors.

Click Save Settings to save the changes.


Customize colors for Draft, Schedule, In Progress, and Sent Campaign Status Labels.

Select colors from the color chart according to your branding guidelines then save your settings.

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