In your company's digital ecosystem, fostering communication and expression is crucial. One way to enhance engagement and convey sentiments effectively is through reaction emojis. As a domain admin, you can tailor these emojis to align with your company's communication needs.

Domain admins have the flexibility to choose up to six reactions from a pool of twelve options. These reactions are designed to cater to a wide range of expressions and responses, enhancing the interactive experience on your company website. The available reactions include:


Within the Default configuration section, choose from six reactions to be available across various sections such as News Feeds, pages, and posts, excluding chat. From the dropdown menus, choose each reaction to select your preferred set, ensuring they align with your company's communication needs. Once selected, preview the settings to confirm they meet your expectations.

For reactions tailored to Chat Specific interactions, choose six reactions specifically for 1-1 chats and Team chats. Like the default setup, make your selections from the reactions dropdown menus based on your preferences. After making your choices, preview the reactions to visualize how they will appear within chat conversations, ensuring they suit the intended communication dynamics.

Advanced Setting

Limit reactions to one per user: By default, this setting will be toggled OFF. When enabled, users will be limited to one reaction per engagement interaction. Existing reactions will not be retroactively removed.

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