Data Exports

Downloadable links for the requested export of data

Types of Export Requests

The exported data tab displays the list of all downloadable links of the exported data that a network admin requests. The data that you can request exports for are:

  • All Network Users List - in .xls and .csv format

  • All Network Data - in .xml format

  • All Groups Data - in .xml format

  • All Groups Members List - in .csv format

  • All Projects Data - in .xml format

  • All Project Members List - in .csv format

  • All Users Email Aliases (MangoApps Email IDs) - in .xls and .vcf format

Data export records are generated from the date of domain creation.

Each data export contains a date and timestamp on which it was requested.

Each data export request creates a log entry in the Audit log as an Export action when a data export request is completed.

The data exports do NOT include images and files of your domain.

You CANNOT delete exported data files from the Exported Data list. The old exported data file is automatically replaced every time a new export is requested.

Exporting All Users List

To export all users list to a .xls file:

  1. Go to Admin Portal > Users > Manage Users and click the User Tools button.

  2. Click Exports Users to open the Export Users pop-up.

  3. In the Select Type drop-down list, select All Users to export the list of all users on your domain.

  4. In the Select Format drop-down list, select XLS to export the list of users in a .xls file format.

  5. Click the Export Users button. The system sends an email and a notification when the exported data is ready for download in the 'Exported Data' tab.

  6. Check your inbox, and open the email and then click exported users data. Alternatively, you can go to the Admin Portal > Home > Exported Data tab to download the exported file.

  7. Click the Exported All Users on: [Date and Timestamp] link to download the exported .xls file from the admin portal.

User notification (User Portal > Change My Settings > Notifications Settings > In-app & Email) in the notifications list is dependent on the settings adjusted in the User Portal for each user.

An email is sent to all network admins when a data export request is completed.

Downloading the Exported Data Files

To download a exported data file:

  1. Go to Admin Portal > Home > Exported Data.

  2. Click the downloadable link of the available exported data file to download it on your machine.

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