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The moderation feature in MangoApps allows domain admins and moderation admins to review the content that is posted in the community.
  • Users can flag posts, updates, questions, and all comments/replies for the 3 moderation options.
  • Ability to flag is available to both network and guest users in news feed.
  • Approve the content for all community members to see.
  • Decline to remove the content from the community.
  • You can designate one or more moderators to do this job.
With Moderation, MangoApps allows organizations to:
  • Prevent use of profanity, harassment and any other language words that can be damaging to the community before it is published.
  • Have a list of moderators who can manage this with a central and easy to use moderation dashboard.
  • Control to exempt content from team admins, specific users, and specific teams from moderation.
  • Automatic routing for moderation & ability to flag content for moderation by employees is available.
In Moderation, you have
  • Queue
  • Settings
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