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MangoApps is a modern, cloud-based platform that unifies content, communication, training, and operations for the entire organization in one single platform. If you use ADP Workforce Now® to manage workforce information such as employee information, payroll, PTO requests, and scheduling, the MangoApps integration allows you to automatically synchronize your ADP Workforce Now® information with MangoApps so that this employee info is always current.


  • Automatic User Profile Updates: ADP Workforce Now® information is automatically synched when employees join the company or when they leave. This greatly reduces the potential for mistakes (such as name misspellings which can lead to duplication of user data) and the risks of accidentally assigning the wrong departments.

  • ADP Workforce Now® Virtual Assistant: Get your PTO balance, latest pay info and shifts info on demand. Access is available without disrupting the employee’s workflow on their mobile & web dashboard.

  • Single Sign-On with ADP Workforce Now®: Employees can use their ADP Workforce Now® login credentials and get automatically authenticated into MangoApps mobile & web apps using the out-of-the-box SSO integration.

  • Automated Team Membership: This integration will instantly organize your employees into teams according to their profile fields using the MangoApps automation rules engine.

Requirements and Prerequisites for System Configuration

  • Admin Domain access.

  • ADP Workforce Now® account.


Visit ADP Workforce Now® marketplace to get the MangoApps Data Connector “MangoApps Connector for ADP Workforce Now®”. ADP Workforce Now® will redirect to MangoApps subscription process.

  • From the Create Order tab, Choose MangoApps plans and click Continue.

  • Go to the Additional Information tab, enter your domain URL registered with MangoApps and click Check.

Note: If the domain is valid then ADP Workforce Now® will send a subscription request to MangoApps. MangoApps will read the event URL and configure the Customer domain with ADP Workforce Now® and store OOID (Account identifier). Upon completion, MangoApps will send a successful message to ADP Workforce Now®

  • Once the domain validation is successful, click Continue.

  • Go to Billing Details tab and enter the details and click Continue.

  • Go to Confirm Order tab, agree to the terms and conditions and click Place Order.

  • View your receipt in the Order Receipt tab.

    • MangoApps ADP Workforce Now® connector will work with existing ADP Workforce Now® and MangoApps customers.

  • Go to My App from ADP Workforce Now® and click MangoApps application. See User Assignment for more details.

  • On the Client Authorization page, select Allow to provide Data connector consent and SSO Consent.

  • Once the authorization is successful, you will be able to log in to the application.

ADP Workforce Now® Consent and Settings

ADP Workforce Now® admin needs to provide consent in ADP Workforce Now® portal for MangoApps to get access to ADP Workforce Now® information. Currently, MangoApps is available for ADP Workforce Now® edition. MangoApps admin has control over what information is made available to employees via MangoApps ADP Workforce Now® virtual assistant. The admin can enable one or more of the following employee self-service options in the ADP Workforce Now® virtual assistant.

  • Enable My Pay

  • Enable My Time Off

  • Enable My Shift

MangoApps – ADP Workforce Now® SSO Integration

  1. User will go to My Apps where user can see MangoApps application and click on the application, user will redirect to MangoApps with account identifier (OOID).

  2. MangoApps will check the account identifier (OOID) in MangoApps sever, initiate SSO process, and ask for the code from ADP Workforce Now®. For new customers, it will ask first for the data connector consent, and this is a one-time process.

  3. User will provide consent and login (if ADP Workforce Now® session expires) and after login, ADP Workforce Now® will send authorization code to MangoApps, MangoApps will exchange token by codez-nd call for user info.

  4. MangoApps will find and sync AOID in MangoApps server and based on this MangoApps will provide access to the domain.

Single Sign On (SSO) With ADP Workforce Now®

As an ADP Workforce Now® customer when you subscribe to MangoApps from the ADP Workforce Now® marketplace, SSO setup will be automatically configured for your MangoApps domain. SSO features include:

  • Just In Time (JIT) provisioning.

  • Login via ADP Workforce Now® available on as an option on MangoApps login screen on web portal & mobile apps.

Log In

To login to your Mangoapps account:

  1. Enter the domain URL.

  2. Select Sign in to SSO and click ADP Workforce Now®

  3. On the Welcome to ADP Workforce Now® page, enter your User ID and Password.

  4. Click Sign In.

  5. Click Allow to provide SSO and Data Connector Consent.

You can see the MangoApps dashboard.

User Provisioning and Profile Sync

MangoApps ADP Workforce Now® data connector will automatically import users from ADP Workforce Now® after MangoApps application is given consent in your ADP Workforce Now® admin portal. The data connector has the following capabilities:

  • Automatically provision all users profile data from ADP Workforce Now® when the domain admin does an SSO login via ADP Workforce Now® into MangoApps.

  • After user provisioning, the automatic user profile sync is done every 15 minutes so that the employee info always remains current.

  • New hires/re-hires/terminations are kept in sync with ADP Workforce Now® (sync cycle every 15 minutes).

  • MangoApps ADP Workforce Now® connector syncs with the following user profile information

    • First name

    • Last name

    • Manager

    • Hire date

    • Date of birth

    • Gender

    • Mobile phone

    • Email

      • Will be saved in 'alternate email address' field in MangoApps.

      • Will keep in sync on user login

    • Title

    • Office Address

    • Department

      • The department should pre-exist in MangoApps

      • Users will only be added to the department (not removed).

  • When employees are removed from ADP Workforce Now®, they are automatically suspended by MangoApps (sync cycle every 15 minutes).

ADP Workforce Now® Virtual Assistant Widget

With the ADP Workforce Now® virtual assistant on their dashboard, employees don’t have to leave MangoApps to access their HR related information stored in ADP Workforce Now® Employees can:

  • View their pay info.

  • View their time-off details.

  • View their schedule/shifts for the week.

Add ADP Workforce Now® Widget

  1. Click the Widget Gallery, “Add web widget” window opens.

  2. Go to Integration and click on +Add for ADP Workforce Now® Virtual Assistance.

  3. Click Done.

  4. Once you have added the widget, you can move them around in a layout that best suits your needs.

  5. MangoApps provide “ADP Workforce Now® Virtual Assistant” widget with actions “My Time Off”, “My Shifts”, and “My Pay” in dashboard, company page and team page where user (ADP Workforce Now® worker) can check their schedule, time-off balance, and latest pay statement.

Sign Out

  1. In the top right, click the Settings icon.

  2. Click Sign out.

You will be signed out from ADP Workforce Now® as well.

User Assignment

  1. Go to ADP Workforce Now® Marketplace and click My Apps.

  2. Go to MangoApps App and select MangoApps from the settings.

  3. Click Assign Users.

  4. Select the users from the list and click Next.

  5. Click Submit.

The Manage Users tab displays the list of all users and the actions you can perform to manage the users in your domain.

User Un-Assignment

  1. Go to ADP Workforce Now® Marketplace and click My Apps.

  2. Go to MangoApps App and select MangoApps from the settings.

  3. Click Assign Users.

  4. De-select the users from the list and click Next.

  5. Click Submit.

Cancel Subscription

  1. Go to ADP Workforce Now® Marketplace and click My Apps.

  2. Go to MangoApps App and select MangoApps from the settings.

  3. Click Cancel Subscription to cancel the subscription.

By cancelling the subscription, you will no longer have access to use the application.

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