Language Support

MangoApps Language supports several of the world’s most widely used languages with a built-in framework to easily incorporate additional languages and dialects. We help users communicate in a comfortable environment all over the world.

MangoApps supports following languages and allows company admins to choose a primary language for their company domain:

Individual users have the option to set a language of their choice in their individual account. Support for additional languages can be added upon request.

User Content Translated Automatically Into 100+ Languages

MangoApps’ site-wide translation feature is equipped with Google’s machine translation technology, which can instantly translate dynamic & user-posted text into more than 100 of the most commonly used languages.

Translate Custom Module Names

The title used for top level modules in MangoApps can be customized by domain admins to meet the needs of the business. This is no exception when MangoApps is being translated. By default the module labels can be set to translate to the selected language for the locale. Domain admins however can edit the out-of-the-box module translations to further suit their needs.

Translation Recommendations

Any user is able to submit translations and recommendations to MangoApps from the help center using the β€˜Report Translation Issues’ option.

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