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Customize your navigation

With MangoApps, you can customize the left navigation bar to best meet your needs.

Click on Manage Navigation

  1. Restore to Admin Defaults: If you make any customizations to the navigation bar, you can click on Restore to Admin Defaults to return to the default setting created by the site admin.

  2. Add a Shortcut: Add a shortcut to your navigation panel

  3. Apply Settings: Apply any settings you selected

  4. Manage Sub-Menus: Create and manage sub-menus under main navigation items

  5. Enable/Disable: Enable or disable a menu option so that it no longer appear on your navigation bar

  6. Admin Shortcut: Items that are considered Admin Shortcut are shortcuts created by your site admin and cannot be disabled.

To reorder the menu options, simply drag and drop them into the desired order.

Create a Sub-Menu

From the Manage Navigation screen, click on +Manage Sub-Menus on the menu option you want to add submenus to.

  1. Check the boxes of the items you would like to add to the submenu

  2. Click on Done to create the submenu

Create a Shortcut

You can create a shortcut to a page in MangoApps and add it to the left-hand navigation bar.

Click on Add a Shortcut

  1. Create a Label for the shortcut

  2. Select an Icon for the shortcut

  3. Add the URL for the shortcut

  4. Select where the short will open:

    1. Current Tab

    2. New Tab

  5. Click on Save to create your shortcut

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