If enabled, users can conveniently manage their availability preferences. Setting availability is crucial for effective scheduling and task allocation. It ensures that resources, including employees, are utilized optimally, minimizing gaps in coverage and avoiding scheduling conflicts. By communicating availability clearly, teams can maintain operational efficiency, meet customer demands, and foster a positive work environment by accommodating everyone's needs and preferences.

Adding Availability

Users can utilize the Add My Availability button to input their availability preferences. They have the option to select the period and set their availability accordingly. Additionally, users can choose to use their availability from the previous week for convenience.

Not Available for Whole Week

For cases where users are unavailable for the entire week, a checkbox option allows them to indicate this easily.

Available From

Users can specify the time from which they are available for shifts, providing more detailed availability information.

Once availability has been set for a week it can no longer be edited from this pop-up. To change a submitted week's availability, navigate to the period in question from the Availability tab and click Edit Availability under the accompanying user profile image.

Viewing Availability in Shifts

Availability preferences are reflected in shift schedules. The logged in user's availability is displayed with their preferences listed at the top, followed by other team members availability below.

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