Recognize the efforts of your colleagues


With MangoApps' recognition features, fostering a culture of appreciation and motivation is simpler than ever. MangoApps offers a seamless platform for acknowledging employee contributions, making it easy for you to express gratitude and motivate your fellow team members.

Recognition Toolbars

Along the left hand side of the module are two tabs: Awards and Leaderboard. From the Awards tab, users have access to a comprehensive list of all accolades granted within the organization, showcasing recognition across different departments and achievements. Meanwhile, the Leaderboard tab enables the tracking of top-performing employees and teams across varying time frames, providing a dynamic tool for monitoring and celebrating outstanding contributions within the company.

Filtering Options

Users can opt to browse through awards by selecting from all categories or narrowing down their search to specific ones of interest. Additionally, they can refine their results further by filtering recognitions based on customizable time periods, ranging from the past 7 days to all-time achievements, providing tailored access to relevant information according to their preferences and needs.

Giving Recognition

Users can give recognition awards (as long as the module is enabled by a domain admin) from the Recognition Module, via the Universal Compose Button, and even directly from the recipient user(s) Profile or Team Page.

From the Recognitions Module, click the Give Recognition button along the top right of your screen. This will bring up the Recognize People or Team menu.

From this menu, users will have limited customization options for the awards they wish to give.

Select Award Category

Users have the option to explore various awards categorized in the dropdown menu. Admins have the ability to configure these categories, where different awards will be organized accordingly.

Recipient Selection/ To

Select whether the award will be given to a specific user(s) or to a team.

If People is selected, a user look-ahead field will appear, allowing entry of up to 100 users. Additionally, users have the option to utilize the People Selector tool to facilitate the addition of users.

If Team is chosen, a team look-ahead field will be displayed, permitting entry of only one team per award. Optionally, if the award is intended for specific users within the team, an additional user look-ahead field will appear. This option becomes available only after a team has been selected in the team look-ahead field.


Craft a personalized message (up to 1,000 characters). Admins can enable or disable the ability to customize award messages via the Admin Portal.

Select Core Values

Assign applicable core values to the award. For information on Core Values, click here.


Review the award before sending by clicking the Preview button along the bottom of the pop-up menu.

If everything looks good, click the Give button from the Award Preview menu. Alternatively, close the preview window and click Give & Add More to continue handing out recognitions!

If an award requires manager approval before it can be sent, you will receive the following pop-up menu upon submitting the award:

I've Received/Given an Award! Where Can I view It?

You can view the list of publicly given awards in the Recognitions Module. Awards that have been given privately can only be viewed by the recipient in their Messages.

Additionally, users can view their received awards from their profile under the Recognitions tab."

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be recognized?

Anyone within the company, including colleagues or entire teams, can be recognized.

Who can give awards?

Depending on admin settings, anyone in the domain; managers, specific individuals, guest users can give awards.

Can awards be given by/to guest users?

Yes, awards can be given to and received by guest users.

How many points is each award worth?

Reward points assigned to each award are set by the network admin and can be viewed from the award details.

Can I receive/send the same award more than once?

Yes, users can send/receive the same award multiple times, depending on admin configured settings.

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