Maintain important information without the complicated setup of a traditional database

MangoAppsโ€™ Tracker feature makes collecting and sharing information a breeze. Our customers use Trackers for inventory control, PTO requests, budget proposals, sales and revenue reports, and more. With MangoAppsโ€™ Trackers, conveniently manage important information in one centralized location and create sharable spreadsheets relevant to your companyโ€™s needs.

See How It Works

Conveniently collect and manage a wide range of data with MangoAppsโ€™ Trackers. With automation settings, a variety of column field types, out-of-the-box templates, and more, Trackers provide employees with an easy-to-use tabular data tool accessible from one central location. Watch our brief video for an overview.


A powerful tool with a variety of uses, Trackers help streamline processes and improve efficiency with a robust set of features that make data collection and management effortless.

Data Visualization Features

  • Tables: Too much to look at in one Tracker? Divide its content into multiple tables so you can focus on the information thatโ€™s relevant to you right now and leave the rest for later.

  • Charts and Graphs: Display information as bar charts, line graphs, and text-based cards throughout your domain so data can be easily consumed in straightforward, pertinent ways.

  • Widgets: Use Tracker widgets throughout your employee hub to visualize important data in the flow of work.

Efficient Collaboration Features

  • Forms: Effortlessly collect data with user-friendly Forms. Create a corresponding Form for your Tracker that users fill out; the information submitted on the Form will automatically populate in its associated Tracker.

  • Import/Export Capabilities: Upload & export data from enterprise systems (CSV, Excel, Google Sheets) to integrate with your commonly used tools.

  • Various Column Types: Choose from over 18 column types to make data collection super easy and ensure information is formatted to fit your needs.

  • Customizable Settings: Give column fields default values, require behaviors, change viewing positions, and more so your data is clear-cut. Plus, manage permissions of Trackers to allow only certain users the ability to edit, delete, or share them, so important information isnโ€™t lost or distributed without approval.

Benefits of using Trackers

MangoAppsโ€™ Trackers are ideal for collecting information and managing data, tasks, requests, and more. With a wide range of uses, Trackers are highly adaptable to meet your organizationโ€™s unique needs. Here are some ways our customers benefit from using Trackers:

Accessible Knowledge

Trackers are easily sharable and can be displayed in various visual widgets, fostering knowledge sharing and ensuring users can consume information effortlessly.

Increased Efficiency

Automated workflows and real-time changes boost productivity by eliminating the need for manual approvals, reviews, and updates.

Improved Project Completion

As a task management tool, Trackers transparently display whoโ€™s working on each task and what stage each task is in, keeping everyone on the same page and cultivating collaboration in a centralized space.

Greater Organization

House Trackers in relevant Groups & Department throughout your domain, creating easy-to-find, organized tables of dynamic data that donโ€™t create clutter.

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