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Get a birds eye view of activity in MangoApps

Configuring your news feed makes it easy to stay on track of everything important, while making sure you are not bogged down but things that are less important to you.

News Feed Settings

You can configure your newsfeed settings to best suit for needs.

Click on the three dots in the top right of the screen and select Feed Settings.

  1. Feed Settings: Customize what is enabled on your newsfeed

  2. Configure what is on your Primary and Secondary tab. Click on Configure to select what feeds should appear on which tab.

  3. Select if you want your Primary and Secondary tab to appear as two separate tabs or a single tab. If you select for them to appear as a single tab, you can select the name for the single tab.

  4. Select what feeds should have new posts appear as Unread. You can specify Primary or Primary and Secondary. If you select only Primary, all new items in your Secondary tab will automatically be marked as read.

  5. Select to enable the Secondary tab. If you disable the secondary tab, it will not appear on your newsfeed, even if you select to have yours feeds display in two different tabs.

  6. Select to enable an Unread tab. The unread tab will display all unread items. As items are marked read, they will disappear from this feed.

  7. Select to enable a Mentions tab. Any time you or a team you are a member of is @ mentioned, the update will on this tab in addition to any other applicable tabs.

  8. Select to enable a Pinned tab. The pinned tab will have all updates that you pinned. Pinning an update makes it easy to find for future reference.

  9. Enable an Activities tab. Updates that are based on activities, like joining a group or creating a view, are housed on this tab.

  10. Tab Order: Configure the order of the tabs in your newsfeed

  11. Click on Apply Settings to instantly apply your settings to your newsfeed

  1. On the Feed Display tab, you can configure how updates and posts on the newsfeed are presented.

  2. Select whether or not you want the widgets column to display on your newsfeed page. The widget will still be visible on other columns

  3. Select the display order on comments. You can choose between:

    1. Newest to Oldest

    2. Oldest to Newest

  4. Select the feed filtering option:

    1. Advanced Search Box

    2. My Teams List

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