Synchronize Users From ADP


MangoApps offers three options to sync Employee profiles from ADP to MangoApps.

  1. Import of manually exported Employee profile CSV from ADP.

  2. sFTP sync of scheduled export of CSV from ADP.

  3. MangoApps connector for ADP.

1. How to import manually exported Employee profile CSV from ADP

  1. On ADP side, the user must create a New Customer Report.

2. Select Employee or Contract profile Data.

3. On Build your report screen, select required fields and apply any required filters.

  • Provide a report title and description.

  • Run the report.

4. You can save the report in CSV format.

5. Login to MangoApps domain and switch to Admin portal.

6. Click on import users, browse the CSV file imported from ADP.

7. Click on Import Now to load users from CSV to MangoApps.

2. Automate SFTP sync from scheduled ADP exported CSV file

  1. To do this, the customer will first need to request SFTP Export from the ADP Reporting module, then set up an SFTP server for use in pulling reports. Contact your ADP account representative to get started.

  2. The customer will only need to go through this setup process once. There is a small one-time fee. Contact your ADP account representative for details on process and fees involved.

  3. To pull reports, you build them in ADP, specify that they are being sent via SFTP (sample of configuration to be submitted with ADP).

4. Once sFTP export configuration is set up on the ADP side, the domain admin can configure the settings on MangoApps to automate this sync by reading the file from the specified sFTP location.

5. Sync schedule to be set for MangoApps based on the ADP export defined.

3. MangoApps connector for ADP

  1. This is a real-time API-based integration between MangoApps and ADP. The customer needs to purchase this service from ADP Marketplace.

  2. ADP charges a monthly per-user fee for this connector. Please view the marketplace listing or contact your ADP account manager for details.

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