Employee vault

Employee vault is a secure location for current and former employees to get private access to documents via a web browser or mobile app. Employee vault is protected to allow access only to the vault owner and the vault admins.

Vault audit log keeps tracks of all activity – views, downloads and deactivate vault. Vault can be integrated with a secure FTP server to automate adding monthly payslips, yearly tax documents & more directly into your employees and alumni vault.

  • Vault admins can look up an employee vault of any active or suspended user under Admin Portal > Modules > Vault > Employee Vaults.

  • A domain admin can’t look up an employee vault unless they are a vault admin also.

  • For each employee, the vault admin can:

    • View the vault.

    • Download the vault contents (folders & files).

    • Deactivate / Activate the vault to disable/enable access of the user.

    • Get a link of the vault (Link can be used to access the vault by a vault admin or the vault owner only).

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