To enable the Enable mobile-specific dashboard, switch on the toggle bar. If enabled, mobile dashboard can be configured to have a completely different set of widgets than the Web Dashboard.

Adding Widgets to the Mobile

You can configure the Mobile home page from the Admin Portal for all users. To add widgets:

  1. Click the Widget Gallery button to open the Add Widgets pop-up.

  2. Click the preferred widget to add it. For example, click the Announcement's widget to add it to the mobile dashboard, scroll the widget list, and then click the Notification's widget to add it to the mobile dashboard. You can add widgets by searching them or from the widgets list:

    1. Type the widget name in the Quick Search text box to search and add widgets. For example, type holiday in the Quick Search text box. The system automatically loads the widgets based on the entered keyword. Click the Upcoming Holidays widget to add it to the dashboard.

    2. Click the list of widgets in the LHS of the pop-up. For example, click More Widgets to load the widget list and then click the My Calendar widget to add it to the dashboard.

    3. In the Add Widgets pop-up, click Done when you have finished adding the preferred widgets.

  3. Three dots:

    • Remove - This will remove the widget.

    • Set properties - This will open set properties such as title, view of the mobile dashboard.

Note: You can add separate widgets for the mobile dashboard. Widgets added under the mobile tab will be shown on the mobile dashboard.

Copy Web Widgets

This will reset the mobile dashboard and will copy all the web dashboard widgets for mobile dashboard.

Click Yes, I am sure, if you’re sure you want to copy web widgets.

Publish the Mobile Dashboard

This will publish the mobile dashboard for all users. The mobile dashboard will always be in a locked state.

If you want to notify users after the dashboard is updated, switch on the toggle bar.

Click Publish Full Dashboard to publish the mobile dashboard for all users.

For more information on how to publish the mobile dashboard, refer to the video: Publish the mobile dashboard.

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