Post Tools

Post Tools offer extra features to help you track and share your post, increasing its readership. They also provide the option to flag a post if its content violates company policy.

Copy Link to Post: Users can copy a link to the post to their clipboard and share it with other users in their network.

For private teams, only members of the team in which the post was created can access the post via link.

Pin it/Unpin it: All users who have access to the post can pin it. Enable this setting to receive notifications for the post based on your chosen Notification Settings for Posts. If you wish to stop receiving notifications for the post, return to Post Tools and click Unpin it to unpin the post.

Social Advocacy Setting: Admin Only. Toggle this option to enable the post to be shared over social media. Un-toggle to disable social media sharing icons from the post.

Set a Reminder

All users with access to the post have the option to set personal reminders in their calendars. These reminders will be visible exclusively to the user who created them.

The time zone is set according to the locale settings of the user creating the reminder.

Duplicate Post

Create a duplicate of the current post in Edit mode.

Title: The title for the Post.

Place In: Select the Team option to publish the post in a team. Administrators have the option to publish the duplicate publicly so everyone can view it.

Select Team: Select the team for which you want to create the post. Please note that you can only select one team at a time for each duplicate creation.

Duplicate: Click the Duplicate button to create a duplicate of the post and open it in Edit mode. The user duplicating the post becomes the creator of the duplicate post.

A duplicate post does NOT include the comments, changes, attachments of the original post.

Generate PDF

Users can download the post as a PDF. The latest published version of the post is downloaded as the PDF.

The downloaded PDF does NOT include the videos and comments.

MangoApps automatically creates a Table of Contents menu for a post's PDF. This menu is based on the headings hierarchy in the content (Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, Heading 4, Heading 5, Heading 6).

Flag This Post

Flag a post to alert the administrators about content that does not fall within company guidelines and best practices.

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