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MangoApps makes asking questions and getting answers a painless process.

Asking Questions from the Question Screen

To access the Questions screen, click on Questions from the left-hand side menu.

  1. See all answer and questions

  2. See all experts

  3. See FAQs about Questions

  4. Show:

    1. All Questions

    2. Answered Questions

    3. Questions Without a Response

    4. Popular Question

    5. Questions with an Accepted Answer

    6. Questions without an Accepted Answer

    7. My Pinned Questions

  5. Find an Expert about a topic

  6. Ask a Question with users and teams

From the Questions screen, click on Ask a Question.

  1. Select if you want to share the question with a specific Team or All Your Followers.

  2. Ask Your Question

  3. If applicable, Attach any supporting documentation

  4. Select if you want to Share your question with all users, including guest users, or just network users. Then click on Ask.

The question will then be shared on the news feed with the chosen users and teams. It will also be displayed on the Questions page.

Asking Questions from the Universal Compose Button

You can also ask questions from the Universal Compose Button.

Select Question. Then, follow the same process as you would when asking a question from the Questions page.

Asking Questions from a Team Page

You can also ask a question from the Team Page.

Navigate to the desired team page.

Click on Ask a Question from the top of the screen. Then, follow the same process as you would when asking a question from the Questions page.Answering Questions.

Accepting Answers

When you ask a question and users provide an answer, you can vote to accept the answer.

Underneath the answer to the question asked, is the option to Accept Answer. To accept the answer, click on it.

You will be asked to confirm that you wish to accept the answer. Only one answer can be accepted and the accepted answer will appear on top of all other answers.

Only the user who submitted the question can approve of the answer.

Voting on Answers

Just like all users can answer questions that are shared with them, all users can vote on answers.

Users can upvote or downvote an answer as appropriate.

Once you vote, you cannot change your upvote or downvote.

Finding Experts

To find an Expert, click on Find an Expert from at the top of the screen.

  1. Select the appropriate search filter. You can select between:

    1. All

    2. Projects

    3. Groups

    4. Departments

    5. Opportunities

    6. Expertise and People

    7. Files

    8. Pages, Posts, Wikis, Notes

  2. Select the Search Field

  3. Select the Condition

    1. Equal to

    2. Not equal to

    3. Contains

    4. Does not contain

  4. Type in the search parameter

  5. Add or Remove additional parameters

  6. Select if All or Any of the search parameters must be met

  7. Complete the Search

  8. Reset the search fields back to default

Selecting Equal To will require an exact match to your search parameters.


MangoApps allows you to see who most often answers questions and provides accepted answers.

From the Questions page, select Experts from the left-hand side menu. This will show you the users who most often answer questions. It ranks the users by highest number of accepted and provided answers.

This is a great way to see users who are actively answering questions and sharing knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Questions app? Questions app helps find answers to questions your employees have. This app is also great in telling who the experts are in your company.

Who can ask a question? Any user of the domain including guest users can ask a question.

Who can you ask questions to? Questions can be asked to all your followers and to the teams you are a part of.

Who can accept an answer? The user who asked the question can only mark an answer as accepted. Only 1 answer can be marked as accepted. However when a better answer becomes available the accepted answer can be changed. You can also undo the accepted answer if required.

Who can upvote or downvote an answer? Anyone who can view the answer can upvote or downvote it. The user can only cast 1 vote per answer (either upvote or downvote). At this time once the upvote or downvote is posted it can't be changed.

Where can I see all the answered questions? Under the Answers tab you can choose the filter 'Answered Questions' to see all questions that have been answered.

How do I become an expert? Points are earned by answering questions asked. They are given for both answering a question and when someone accepts your answer. So the more questions you answer, the better chances you have of becoming an expert.

Do I get points for answering or asking questions If levels and badges are turned on for your domain, you will receive points for answering and asking questions. Only, we won’t tell you how exactly to get them (Because where’s the fun in that?), so keep answering to get more points and badges!

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