Types of Posts

Enhance communication effectiveness and cater to diverse preferences within your organization by utilizing different post types. Various content types, such as text, images, audio, video, and interactive elements, allow for a more engaging and inclusive communication strategy. Different formats can be chosen based on the nature of the information being conveyed, ensuring clarity and understanding among employees. This approach recognizes that individuals have varying learning styles, accessibility needs, and preferences, promoting a more comprehensive and effective internal communication strategy. MangoApps offers four types of posts within the intranet: Company, Team, and Follower posts, as well as Alerts.

Company Posts

Network and Intranet admins only. Post important information that affects users on a company-wide level right from the company page. Uses and limitations for using Company posts include:

  • Company Posts are visible to all network users of your domain.

  • Company posts can be set as a story. A story is a site-wide banner with a system/custom background and post title by default.

  • When a post is published as a story, it will be automatically converted into a site-wide banner that remains visible for up to 24 hours. This site-wide banner will be visible to all users in the network. After the 24-hour period, the banner will be automatically removed, but the post itself will remain unaffected. If a new story post is published during the 24 hours, it will replace the existing story as the site-wide banner.

Team Posts

This refers to posts created within teams, projects, and groups by authorized network users and guest users.

Uses and limitations for using Company posts include:

  • Visible only to team members.

  • Posts published in public teams can be chosen to be displayed to all network users.

  • Team posts CANNOT be set as a story.

Posts for Followers

These posts will be visible to only the followers of the posting user. This type of post can be created by network users and guest users.

Uses and limitations for using Company posts include:

  • Visible only to the followers of a network user in the social intranet domain.

  • Posts for followers CANNOT be set as a story.


Admin Only. Use alerts to communicate time-sensitive and crucial information to the entire organization or specific teams and groups. Out-of-the-box templates cover the majority of common organizational alerts or create your own, draft/preview your message visually and select delivery channels prior to distribution.

For information on Alerts, click here.

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