Table Menus

Within the table menus, you will find options for adding columns, add new entries, adjusting table and column features, and various share options at table level.

Table View dropdown: This menu provides a selection of all the tables and forms configured for the tracker. For details on setting up another Table View, click here.

Find Entry search bar: Utilize this search bar to swiftly locate entries by entering search terms. Special characters are allowed when searching, and the search bar functions with non-text data types and columns as well.

Records Counter: This number represents the total rows in the currently selected table view. The count may vary based on the configuration of the table view.

Add New Entry button: Click this button to add an entry to the tracker. Fields populated in the Add new Entry pop-up will vary depending on the column setup. Click here for more information on the various column types.

Tools dropdown

Click this dropdown for additional options.

Add New Columns

Click this option to create a new column within a tracker. The created column will appear at the furthest right hand side in the tracker.

Insert, Modify & Delete Columns

To perform these actions, navigate to the column menu. Click on the 'arrow' icon located on the right edge of the column where you wish to change its properties, or add a new column adjacent to it.

Edit, Reorder, Filter & Group Table

This option allows you to revisit the properties of a table view and make changes. There must be at least one column shown within a table view after the table view has been created.

Set Row Height/Wrap Text

Use this feature to customize the height of all rows in the table view. Select from options like Short, Medium, Tall, and Extra Tall. This setting not only adjusts row height but also influences text wrap within each cell. Each height level corresponds to an additional text line. For instance, Short provides space for 1 line of text, while Tall accommodates 3 lines within a cell.

Share Table

Activate this option to grant users the ability to share access to the tracker. When toggled on, users within the domain who possess the link can view the columns and rows in this table. Further customization options are available for editing permissions when using the link. You can restrict link access to those within the network or allow entries to the table without requiring sign-in. Additionally, you have the flexibility to permit people in the domain to add or edit rows in the table. By default, sharing will be OFF.

Duplicate Table

Replicate the existing table into a new table view. When duplicating, you'll encounter similar options to those available when creating a new table. This functionality is useful for refining value filters within a table view.

Download (XLS/PDF)

Download the current table view in xls or pdf format. You can choose whether to include all entries or just the filtered entries for the table.

Add Table to Widget Gallery

Add a table view to the widget gallery for quick access. Forms can also be turned into widgets for quick and accessible data entry. For details on Tracker and Forms widgets, click here.

Add Table to Teams

This option enables a table view to be accessible to all team admins for addition to their respective teams. Once added by a team admin, team members gain the ability to view and edit data based on the table permissions. This feature facilitates the sharing of tables between teams without granting full access to the tracker for other teams.

Any table views, aside from the Primary Table View, that are shared will be accessible exclusively in a Read-Only view.

Add Table to Calendar

Adding the table view to the calendar will create events in the entry creator's calendar that coincide with the values in the date column selected in the current table. Choose a title for the calendar entry, set it's visibility and even choose a color. You can also choose to add more than one date column to the calendar as well. Once the dates have been added to the calendar, you can click the trashcan icon to remove them from the calendar.

Delete Table

Use this option to delete a table view. Primary table views cannot be deleted.

Although deleted trackers can be recovered from the Admin Portal, deleted table views and columns CANNOT be recovered after deletion.

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