Media Center Tools

Use the Media Library in MangoApps to find and showcase your pictures, videos, and audio contributed by your domain members.

With Media Library, users can see a preview key frame of videos or thumbnail of pictures they are allowed to see. Audio files shown alongside pictures and videos in the same grid denoted by an audio symbol. By seeing all the choices visually all at once, users can quickly recognize which files they want to view or listen to right from the Media Library rather than finding them in other locations in MangoApps by using Search or navigating to pages.

Access the Media Library

Click on Media Library from the left-hand side menu.

  1. Refine the media results

  2. Modify how the media files are displayed

  3. Settings

    1. Bulk Action on Media

    2. Manage Categories (This option is only available to those with admin rights(

  4. Share the media library with a share link

  5. Upload New Media to the media library

Upload New Media

Navigate to the Media Gallery. Then, click on Upload New Media

Drag and Drop you media file OR click on Browse Media.

Select your media file and click on Next

Fill out any required details and click on Next.

Select which folders you want to save to. Lastly, click on Done.

You will get a confirmation at the top of the screen, that the files were successfully uploaded.

Three Dot Menu on a Media Library File

  1. Quick View: Provides a preview of the media file. If it is a video file, the file will play.

  2. Pin It: Pin item for grouping and quick access for reuse.

  3. Share: Share with:

    1. Colleagues- Any network user

    2. Teams- Any group, project, or department

    3. Internal Share Link- Users inside the company who have at least viewer permission on the file can access via this link.

  4. Embed Code: Get a code for inline embedding of a media object. You can set to have the size to be responsive based on window size or set to a specific size.

  5. Download: Download the file for use offline

  6. Set Featured Image: Change the thumbnail image of the selected media file

  7. View Insights- See the total number of times a media file has been:

    1. Viewed

    2. Downloaded

    3. Pinned

  8. View Access History- View access history for the media file. You can filter by:

    1. All

    2. Viewed

    3. Downloaded

    4. Uploaded

    5. Saved

    6. Shared

    7. Permissions

    8. Restored

    9. Modified

    10. Checked In

    11. Checked Out

    12. Discard Checkout

    13. Moved

    14. Renamed

    15. Pubic Shared

    16. Started online editing

    17. Co-edited

    18. Ended online editing

    19. Discarded co-editing

Permission Types

When you Share a media file, you can set the permission types.




Viewer (No Download)

























Check in/out


















Pinned Media Files

You can pin any media for quick access at a later time.

From any desired media file, click the three dot menu. Next, select Pin It.

Your media file now shows as pinned.

To access and group your pinned files, click on the menu on the left-hand side of the screen. Select Show My Pinned On Top from the dropdown menu.

Your pinned media files are now at the top of the of the Media Library.

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