A catered, centralized space to easily access necessary tools and resources

Accessible from anywhere and easily edited and personalized, the Home module ensures every member of your team can access the information and resources they need.

See How it Works

Give your employees fast access to the information and tools they need by creating a convenient, easy-to-update landing page for every member of your team. Use MangoApps’ collection of widgets to design a custom Home page that conveys news, to-do lists, upcoming events, useful apps and tools, and more. Watch our brief video for an overview.


Customizable and Targeted Experiences Features

The Home module comes with three setting types, implemented by your domain admin(s), to provide a customized or targeted experience for employees

  • Fully customizable: Allow users to rearrange, delete, and add widgets to their personal Home page. Widgets that admins have locked cannot be deleted but can be moved to different areas of the page.

  • Semi-customizable: Enable users to make changes to the layout of widgets so they can customize the look and feel of their experience, but they cannot add or delete widgets to keep information relevant.

  • Locked: Provide a targeted experience for users by creating a designated landing page and consistent experience across the company. Users will be unable to make changes ensuring everyone sees the same thing, at the same time, in the same place.

Simple Administration Features

  • No-code Administration: Coding skills are never needed to implement and maintain MangoApps. The drag & drop interface allows for quick, straightforward execution and adaption.

  • Dynamic Widgets: Admins have the ability to add, remove, or update widgets across all employee dashboards, making global changes straightforward and easy.

  • Convenient Access: The Home feature is available on desktop and mobile, with the option of having the layout and active widgets the same or different between the two. This enables catered and unique experiences between frontline and office workers or a consistent, company-wide experience for everyone.

Powerful Integration Features

  • Access Content from Other Apps: Bring in content from other applications and access it on your dashboard, giving you easy reach to everything you need in one centralized location.

  • Access to Other Tools: Display integration and SSO widgets so users can access commonly used tools effortlessly.

Benefits of Using The Home Module

Eliminate tool sprawl and give valuable time back to your employees. From company news to integrated apps, MangoApps’ Home feature is a convenient access point to information and tools. Discover the many benefits our customers enjoy by using the Home module.

Improved Communication

Users have immediate, reliable access to news and announcements that are pertinent to their specific roles, ensuring folks are always in the know without information overload.

Enhanced Productivity

Context switching is a thing of the past with SSO integrations, allowing employees to spend more time doing their actual jobs rather than juggling between multiple apps and websites.

Empowered Employees

With a relevant, personalized dashboard, employees feel seen and trusted, and can set themselves up for success with a custom selection of tools and resources that suit their preferences.

Wider Reach

Frontline teams are easily kept in the loop with configurable mobile dashboards, made with on-the-go employees in mind so no one gets left behind.

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