3-Dot Action Menu

From this menu, you can view the insights of the post and increase its visibility for potential readers.

View Insights

This option will bring you to the insights page for the post. From this page you can view the number of hits on your post as well as other post statistics.

Sent: Total number of active users currently part of the targeted audience of this post.

Unique Views: Unique total of users who have viewed the post. As long as a user has not previously interacted with the post (through their hub directly or via mobile) email view, mobile, and web views will count towards the total Unique Views. If a user has already viewed the post though, the unique viewer count will not increase. You can click the Unique Views number to see icons representing the method various users have used to view the post.

Number of Boosts: Number of times the post has been boosted.

Views: A Bar Graph representing the number of views for a post on a particular day. The Green dot on the graph indicates the date the post was boosted. The Yellow dot on the graph indicates the date the post was edited.

Filter View: The graph view can be filtered to display data for different date spans, including: 7, 15, 30, or 60 days. The default filter is 7 days, with values starting from your post's published date.

You can also choose a custom date range and select your own start and end dates, with a maximum limit of 60 days.

Post History: Beneath the Views table you will find the post history. This section tracks the history of creation, edits, and boosted actions of the post. This section can be sorted by Date.

Edit Boost: Click this option to bring up the Boost Post pop-up window. From here you can edit your post Boost settings. For information on Boosting posts, click here.

Download Report: Download a .xlsx file of the post insights.

Add to Highlights

Admin only. Enable this option to elevate the visibility of your post to the top of users home, news feed, or posts page, depending on the administrator's configuration. This setting is particularly beneficial for showcasing significant announcements or important news, ensuring that your content grabs immediate attention. By utilizing this feature, you enhance the prominence of your post, making it more likely to be noticed and engaged with by your audience.

Manage Auto Governance

Manage the post's Auto Governance settings. More information on the Governance Engine can be found here.

Set Order

Admin only. Order value in which the posts appear on the intranet when a user sorts posts by Admin Specified Order. By default, the order value is 10 for all posts. The lower value given to a post, the higher it will appear in the list. Multiple posts assigned the same value will be sorted with the most recently posted at the top. 'Announcement' or 'Must Read' tags do not affect the order set by this function.

MangoApps organizes content by considering the topmost edge of each item first, and then arranging them from left to right. The item with the higher priority value appears highest on the screen.

Save as Template

Admin only. This option allows you to create a new template using the current post design. A duplicate of both the content of the post and the featured image will be saved as a Draft, which can be further edited before publishing for everyone in your network to use.

Convert to Wiki: Convert your post to a wiki article. For information on wikis, click here.

Archive: Archiving a post will hide it from the list of posts viewable by everyone. The post can still be found when users search for it.

Delete: This option will delete the post. Deleted posts will be available in the domain's trash can for the next 365 days. Domain admins can restore the post during this time. Only administrators and the creator can delete a post from a team.


  • Make it a 'Must Read' post in Group: This option allows you to set the post as a 'Must Read' for the group in which it is posted. This adds a 'Must Read' box to the top left corner of the post.

  • Make it a 'Must Read' post in Company: Admin Only. Set the post as a 'Must Read' across all projects. This adds an 'Must Read' box at the top left corner of the post.

  • Make it an 'Announcement' post on the Company: Admin Only. Set the post as a 'Announcement' across all projects. This adds an 'Announcement' box at the top left corner of the post.


Admin and Creator Only

With this option, administrators are able to revisit a published post in Edit mode to make updates or revisions.

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