Survey Recurrence

Set up a schedule for repeat surveys

The recurrence feature allows you to automatically create new iterations of a survey. You have the flexibility to choose the recurrence interval, whether it's in months, days, or years.

You can also decide when the recurrence should end, either by specifying a particular end date or allowing it to continue indefinitely. Alternatively, you can opt to conclude the survey after a certain number of recurrences.

After you've set up your recurrence schedule, you can review the details in the Summary section to confirm your choices.

A recurring survey will keep a duplicate of your survey in the Draft & Scheduled tab of your Survey Module. When the scheduled time for the survey's recurrence arrives, a new instance of the survey will be automatically published to your intended audience.

Recurring surveys are a valuable tool for maintaining ongoing communication with your users. Here's an example of a situation where a recurring survey is highly recommended:

  • According to Acme's training schedule, after 30 days a new hire will have completed Onboarding training. The HR department head wishes to collect feedback on the onboarding experience for these new hires. To accomplish this, she plans to create a recurring survey designed to target users who were hired within the past 30 days. This survey will run every 30 days, ensuring that each successive group of new hires has the opportunity to provide feedback. Importantly, this approach avoids repeatedly notifying users who have already participated in the survey, thus maintaining an efficient feedback loop. She sets up the following Recurrence schedule:

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