MangoApps Hashtags help employees find information by grouping similar thoughts and ideas together. Hashtags create organization, engage employees, and can be attached to any kind of content in MangoApps.


Organize Content Across Layers With Hashtags

Hashtags give you a system for finding relevant information, with color-coding, classification, and search.

  • Follow hashtags to see any related content regardless of where it’s posted

  • Classify hashtags so users can find related tags and discover information

  • Using hashtags is proven to increase content engagement over time

Follow Hashtags

Follow a hashtag to keep track of important content. Users receive real-time notifications whenever new content is tagged with a hashtag they are following.

Increase Engagement

Adding hashtags to posts helps tie ideas and topics together and provides users with increased context and understanding.

Stay Organized

Users can edit and assign color-coded hashtags, making hashtags organized and easy to identify.

Searches and Filters

Hashtags can be attached to updates, polls, files and more, making them searchable by any user across the organization. Hashtags can be included as a filter option as well.


Break down communication barriers and encourage collaboration across departments and teams by using hashtags on mobile devices.

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